Thursday, October 22, 2009


Woah where have I been? Good question.... Man the studio has been busy these past few weeks. I've taken the week off from Felties and trying to play a little catch up here. Finishing some projects for the house - I finally made our bed quilt after years of saving up interesting flannels and I really wanted to make some matching pillow shams so that's what I accomplished yesterday. I'll post pictures of that soon. Things are good and things are busy.

Oh I did pick a winner for the last "give away" - Mrs. Dorie Jane! Well she had 50% chance of winning since only two people put their names in the hat. Yeah Dorie! I'll send that out to as soon as I can. I think that's it for Give Aways until after the holidays. Too many shows and events over the next months and I'm already bad at remembering to pick those names. So I think I save it for January when things are slow and cold.

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