Thursday, March 21, 2013

One recycled box

 So last week we received a pretty large (or rather long) cardboard box in the mail inside contained a very special Easter gift for Maya from Omi. We'll talk about it's contents in another post because it's so good it needs it's own post. Let's talk about this box and the fun that Andrew turned it into. The first couple were made from this box cut by hand they were pretty rough and didn't last long but they were super fun! Well that wasn't good enough for the the Boy so he reworked the "design", went off to school found a bunch of more cardboard scraps and stepped up to the laser cutter and now we have a whole stack of hardy cardboard swords! For one lucky little Pirate Girl and her friends (and her Dad)!

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Tuberous Root said...

She is dual weilding! She is like a rogue, silent and swift!