Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inside Day

Sometimes I (we) just need an Inside Day. A day where we never leave the house. Andrew's on Spring Break all week so that means I get more time to work. Maya's is great at going back and forth between us when we're both home. It usually makes for great days. A happy Mama because I got to get some work done plus some relax time. And a happy girl because we're both home and available. One thing that often happens on an Inside Day is impromptu family crafting/building/making - today's project dolly swing! Maya's been using the strap that hangs down from A's guitar on the wall. Not super safe as it can fall and crash on her or into piece either of which are great. So a little bit of old scrap wood, a few dowels and bit of fabric you have a baby doll swing! Fun!

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