Thursday, March 28, 2013

Every kid needs a horse!

I mentioned in a previous post about a certain large box that we received in the mail. I wanted to share what was in that box. I had mentioned to my Mom (Omi) in passing during Maya's obsession with Toy Story that I thought she should may be have a (hobby) horse, her very own Bullseye! Well in her shopping around came across a super sweet Etsy shop - Rustic Horseshoe. The prices were right and the horses cute and a couple weeks lately our very own Bullseye was delivered.

I have to say this horse is beautiful. The fabric and yarn (horse hair) are good quality, it seems like it's gonna be a tough little horsey. It's something to keep in the family and past down - not something you can say much for toys these days. I love, love, love that it is handmade! I love that my Mama knows us well enough to look for something handmade. And I love that there are others out there like me making beautiful things!

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