Friday, April 2, 2010

Handmade Philly Book Exchange

So I signed up for this really fun project with a local group of artist that I'm part of - Handmade Philly. I signed up probably a month or so ago and of course( a habit of mine from time to time) I procrastinated until the very last minute. But this time I'm glad I did. Oh I should say what the project is. Well as you can deduce from the subject it is a book exchange. We are in two groups ('cause it's such a great idea so, so many people wanted to join in) and we all have a book/journal (handmade or not) and we do a entry or so and pass it on to the next person in the list. Pretty simple and pretty darn fun too 'cause after almost a year you get your book back filled with tons of art, inspirations, scribbles, writing, thoughts, whatever that person was into at the time. I'm excited. So above is my book - it's a little book The Little Book of Art. It's about 4"x5" and it's handmade by me, with much help from the resident expert book make himself - the boy, The Bee - Andrew.

So back to procrastination and why I'm happy about it (this time). Well the month goes by and I keep reminding myself that I have to get this book together and I never have any idea of how I want it to look, how big, what's it made of, all that stuff. So I just keep putting it off - work needs to be done, mobiles need to be made. And I keep thinking what am I going do with this thing? I let it stew - this is one of my best strategies for project that are quite figured out - I just let them stew. You who also say I just procrastinate them or put them off, but in the end it feels more like stewing. Because they needed it, my brain needed to figure them out more before I could start. Anyway I digress.... Check it out my friends look at all the fun books flying around the postal service this week.


Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

your book is sweet, and so is that mobile!

.7717. said...

I have this book now! Just got it a few days ago...hmmm can't wait to see what becomes of it! :)