Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give Away!

Another wrap skirt. We have one more left after this one and that's it. Woohoo! I love getting rid of stuff or err I mean giving things new loving homes. So this is a wacky summer skirt although I'm sure you could pull it off in any season. It's just so light and soft and bright. Mostly sky blue and spring green in color with hits of lavender throughout. This skirt if also a one-size-fits-most the difference with this skirt is that depending on how you wrap it changes color a bit - a bit more green one way and more blue the other. You'll see (if you win of course).

So leave me a comment here on the blog or on Facebook and I'll draw a name sometime in the beginning of next week. I've given up on setting an actual day to pull the name since I don't seem to be sticking to the plan. So we'll say... Tuesday-ish.

1 comment:

tremundo said...

Your skirts are great! As are your little wool felties, they're so much fun. Hope all is well with you!