Wednesday, June 24, 2009

aPaD Library

I went to the library today.

That's all I was going to say. But I changed my mind. I think the fiction section is intimidating. Not just at the library, but any book store. I only going in there when I know what I'm looking for. If I don't have a book in mind I find my self getting lost in book spines and book covers. They all blur to together. I'm sure there's some really good stuff in there, I know there is. I just scan over them waiting for a title to sound interesting or a cover to draw my eye. I am judging all the books by their cover. I do this with wine also. I shop for "ooo that one has a pretty label".

Oh I did walk out of the fiction section with two books though.
The Girl with no Shadow by Joanne Harris (I liked Chocolat)
The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff (I really liked the cover)
We'll see how they turn out.

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