Monday, December 22, 2008

what a morning

Well it started off pretty normal. But as soon as we couldn't chip through the quarter inch of ice on the windshield it all went down hill form there. After that then the driver side door wouldn't stay closed because the lock was frozen. So we figured out that if you hold the door closed and then lock it it'll stay closed. But then the lock freezes and you can't open the door. Ok so then we have to climb across. Well then next I'm off to Target, where I never ever go but my toes are about to freeze off one of these days because I have no good cotton socks. So since I have to climb over to get out of the car and not use the driver side door my lights don't off, but of course I don't know this yet. Well it's well after 9 now ( I was to have a phone interview at 9 this morning., so I was a bit nervous) and I wandering the isles of Target searching for socks with the least amount of packing and ha! if I find a "made in the us" and my phone rings. Now I'm having my interview in Target when I hear I'm being paged in the store - a blue Toyoata with the licence plate of ...... please come the from of the store. Aaaahhh! So still during my interview I run out to the car to turn the lights off and then.... My phones dies!!!!!!! I swear, come on now. So I'm home safe now probably the best place to be on a day like today. But watch out inocent bystanders I'm going on again in an hour. Watch out!

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