Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And we're back!

Coming to you live from the studio... Yesterday I returned to the studio. Yeah! After about two weeks of web work I get to reunite with my much neglected sewing machine.

I had this pile onesies hanging out for kind a while - too long so I decided let's start on that first. Here are a couple of them below, I have a couple different sizes to play with.

Next on to a new and very exciting skirt design. I was at the book store last night checking out the new craft books and I had to drop everything a whip out my notebook and start drawing before the vision left me. The design had nothing to do with what I was looking at in those craft books but it was coming fast and I had to get it down. I was so excited about it I couldn't fall asleep (rear for me) because I was shopping my fabrics in my head and I couldn't stop. Crazy person here, yup you got it - crazy. So I gotta get these onesies out of the way before I can get started, I promised myself I would do them to get them off the shelf - you know those things, the things you keep pushing to the back especially when you have visions. I sound like such a weirdo, like I'm having visions of some holy person, oh may be I am, some holy craft God out there. That's the perfect God for me. Anyway....

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