Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick Hello

Hello all who tune in! Where have I been darn it? Bet you thought I was back to my old ways and not posting. Nope just real busy there for a minute. I spent the last two weeks getting ready for another photo shoot among and few other things - like painting. Which is something I wanted to up date everyone who's interested in a greener paint. So we used to paint that I talked about here though out my Mom's whole house and I gotta tell ya, I really like it. First I should say my Grandmom (who also lives there) has an extremely sensitive nose that would shame a dog. So sensitive that it make her sick at times. This was the main reason for looking for alternative paint - at least low VOC. Well my friends not a problem here, at first I was a little nervous because it does have more of a smell than Bio Shield paints. But, there were no complaints the whole time no headaches, no nausea nothing not even when at the end when the whole house was painted. So this is the first great review the next would be how well the paint covered making it a very high quality - this is good 'cause who really wants to pay more just because it's green, right? And then of course the colors - beautiful, earth, rich and creamy.

So I guess then that I recommend it my friends.

No worries I will be showing off that photo shoot. It went well considering we got kick out of the place I really wanted to do it. Permits! Who hear of permits, my goodness! So we may or may not do it again, at the end of course we thought of the perfectest place ever.

So stay tuned there's more to come. Promise.

A photo shoot teaser

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