Friday, April 5, 2013

Maya's Studio

In the Fall I finally moved my studio space into my very own room. For the first time I can close the door on my mess! I don't have to live in and around piles of wool and felt and all the other things I need for my work. At the same time Andrew officially made the basement his and brought all his stuff down. We were left with a big dining room and not very much furniture.

Maya seems to always have a respect for tools. She never really "got into everything". May be it'sbecause most tools in our house (of course besdies the shape pointy cut yourself tools) were never hidden from her. That would be pretty impossible in our house. We just moved the more dangerous things up and the Maya friendly things down. She's got paint, stickers, glue, paper, play dough, scissors etc all within reach.  It's sort of turned into a little studio of her very own. We looked all over for a simple (cheap) low desk and finally just threw some boards on some crates and called it a desk. She was over the moon! She understood right away - this is my desk, where I do my work. From there it's just grown. There are many works of art hang from the line now. And now she's got her very own easel - Andrew's old portable one.

It's often a mess, with paper bits (super into cutting paper with scissors right now) and paint brushes. But it's easy to tidy and it's a happy place for her.

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Tuberous Root said...

Everyone needs a creative space! I love hers!