Thursday, April 25, 2013

Puppet Show!

Every Thursday this month and bit of May we meet for about an hour with friends at the Columbus Art Museum to get messy and learn about art and it's mediums. After this hour's up we're free to explore the museum and play in their Wonder Room. Today we skipped the Wonder Room and went up to see the Czech Puppets exhibition. We were so inspired by our impromptu adventure through  this incredibly beautiful display of puppetry that the whole day turned into being all about puppets.

Maya's Aunt Melanie had handed down a super cool puppet theater (with puppets) quite a while ago. She was a little too young for it at the time but way too good to pass on, so away it went until just the right time. Today was was the day and a lot of fun was had! Thanks Aunt Melly for the puppets!

Now, I do believe I'm feeling an itch in my hands to build myself some puppets, I think may be a marionette?  So stay tuned for some possible Sqrl & Bee puppets!

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