Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little garden montage

Why not, right? What else does one do when they are finally reunited with their long lost camera. Yup, we're back together and it feels good.

So here's what's happening in the garden. We're having a darn good season so far, I'd say.

Blooming rose, only gives a us a couple but they're are worth it :: Snap peas :: Red cover :: A Peanut Plant! :: Andrew made me a Lettuce Box so I could have a field of lettuce 'cause the individual plants just weren't working for me :: Delicious Honeysuckle
Resident "wild" cat - Meena patrolling her land :: Pea flowers :: The last of the Strawberries - we got a ton this year, at least a bowl every morning :: Avocado tree :: The Pickle Patch! I think were gonna have a lot of pickles this year - they look SO healthy and Andrew did this chicken wire situation for them this year that I think they're gonna love. Chicken Wire Rocks my friends, I couldn't recommend it enough :: Yellow and orange cosmos :: Radishes (that need to be pulled and replaced with the peppers that are dying to get into the ground) :: Tomatoes!! :: more Snap Peas.

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