Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Etsy Baby Shower

I'm part of the Etsy baby shower - on both sides! I'm a giver and a receiver! And it's been real fun so far. Now that my Mom's have received their gifts I can show them off. I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

As a giver I signed up for two Mom's - meaning I would make and send two expecting Mom's a gift from my shop or something custom. I went for custom 'cause I figured this a special thing and I get to talk to them directly, why not make them a custom mobile to match their new nurseries. Right?! So one of my Mom's in having twins a boy and a girl! So fun! And she showed me an image of the quilts that she's getting and therefor I matched her mobile to that(blues and browns). And the other Mom had stated in her info that she's going for pinks and greens so I sent her an image of the pinks and greens I have available and she got to choose for herself. The best thing I got from this whole adventure was usual color combinations that I would have never thought of. Thanks ladies for the inspiration!

Now, as a received I get to get gifts too! Yay! Well Maya and I do! Four different Etsy shops have me as one of their Moms. So far I've received stuff from two of them. And oh my! So much fun! Check it out.

A Bicycle/ Stroller bag from Beatrice Holiday.

Fancy accessories for Maya! from Peanut Feet.

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