Monday, March 1, 2010

Dress Form for Sale

Hello friends and family. As you know we a have a little one coming. And we live in a very small yet cozy space. Things that aren't used often take up precious space in this cozy little home. I wanted a dress form so badly a couple years ago and I good friend gifted me one. Now, I did use it at first until I realized we had made the mistake of choosing a size that was a little too big for me. So I couldn't use it for anything that was for me. Well everything I was making was for me so alas it almost never got used. Now, it must go for it lives where the cradle will one day (soon) live. So if you are looking for a wonderful, adjustable, easy to use dress form contact me and if you live far away enough to have to ship we'll discuss shipping costs. Here's some info on it::

Model:: Dritz(R) My Double Dressform (Medium #20200)

Measurements :: # Bust: 39 Inch -47 Inch , Waist: 32 Inch -39 Inch , Hips: 41 Inch -49 Inch , # Neck: 14'' +, Back Waist Length: 16'' +/-

It's also posted on Craig's List.

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