Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Days

Lot's and lot's of snow fell Friday night. We're still not done shoveling ourselves out. I want to go out and measure just to know exactly how much we got but I'm betting it's somewhere around 14"-16" Certainly taller then that little Snow Cat there below. Being snowed in though certainly has it's upsides especially when the sun shines brightly the next day. Pancakes and blueberries and lot's of work getting done. You see, we've starting a new huge project in the studio similar but at all the same as Wellington. So if you we're a fan of Wellington check in for updates. See that funny little mechanical bird-ish looking thing that's a little sneak peek.

Look at this California boy shoveling his way out. He's very adaptable

Snow Cat -- the snow was taller then he was and he would scratch at the snow to tell if he could jump up on it. Pretty darn cute. At one point he had to use his 4-wheel drive to get out of the snow. It was pretty killer.

Pancakes and blueberries



Carole Free said... the bird-bot and the cat with the 4 wheel drive..
Also love the California boy and

allison o. said...

The bird bot looks awesome!