Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh boy! Did I fall off the blogging wagon or what! There is just WAY too much going on to even begin to wrap my brain around it. Shows every weekend for the past month, in between a 10 day Thanksgiving trip out to LA to visit family and back at it 2 days after getting home (what was I thinking?!). This weekend is my last show - Thank goodness.

This shows a big one though so lot's to get ready. I'm trying to get a couple new things out to see how they do - a couple holiday cards and gift tags. I know I'm cutting close on the holiday deal. I really wanted to have calender finished but I got half finished and well 6 months just isn't gonna cut, now is it.

So far though we've have a great season. Felties are pulling them in by their heart strings, it seems not many can resist. It's great to have this kind of reaction to the imaginary world I too often find myself in. At least I can justify my imagination, not that I have to of course. The only thing is there's only so much the body can take. I'll be crippled if I have to continue making this many creatures. So somethings gotta change. Which is why I'm looking at prints and more elaborate pieces. The characters aren't going anyway, I'm too attached but I've got to find a way of bringing them to life with hurting myself in the process.

So this weekend -

SquidFire's 2009 Holiday Art Mart

Saturday December 12, 11-6pm

DuBurns Arena | 1301 S. Ellwood Ave. off of Boston Street in Canton

Join Squidfire and 60 other talented artists and crafters for an all day shopping experience on December 12. The Du Burns Arena in Canton will be transformed into an alternative shopping center when diy/indie crafters from all over the east coast descend upon Baltimore to offer you the most unique, handmade gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for locally roasted coffee beans, handmade soap or even freshly baked dog treats, we’ll have it there!

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