Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free, free, free!

Ok so this is my first give away here on the blog. I've seen a bunch of other bloggers do this and it seemed successful so I'm giving it a try. I've been cleaning out. New season, time to clean house. I've come across a bunch of different things I've made over the years. Mostly leftovers from shows in the beginning of all of this back when Felties were only one of the many things I was selling. When the very first people were freaking out about Felties (of course before they were even called "Felties"). Before I realized that they were what I should be focusing on. Lot's of skirts, shirts, stuffies and a few bags are left. And I have to get them out of here. Our home is SO small this stuff is taking up very valuable real estate.

So I'm starting off with this skirt above. It makes me think of Peaches and Cream. The material is an absolutely beautiful peach colored vintage cotton with the palest white daisies with little hits of pale yellow and springy green. In between this is small panels of cream color organic cotton flannel. And the sash is made of the same fabric.
It's practically a one size fits it's most, since it is a wrap skirt. Wear it on your hips or waist, it's super comfy since you can easily adjust it to your size. I believe it's about 23" long to just below your knee (if your short like me). I have a bunch of these myself and wear them all spring and summer.

Please just leave me a comment here on the blog or if your one of my Facebook readers then just leave me a comment there and I will throw all the names in a hat or use one of those nifty random number generators and pick a winner on Friday. I'll contact you for all your info then.

Yeah! Can't wait. Oh and hey there more to give so if this one skirt doesn't suit your fancy there's more to come.