Sunday, June 21, 2009


Cracker making is great for gloomy weather. And boy have we had a lot of that lately. Today is the first day of summer and you certainly wouldn't know it. It's more like the middle of Autumn around here.
The garden is fairing ok. But we are started to see some unhappiness in the onion patch. They're not standing straight and starting to look a little yellow. They're starting to get overwhelmed, that's what it looks like to me. Everything just seems to be waiting... Waiting for the sun. The peppers are certainly waiting, they are big and green and have a ton buds just waiting, waiting for the sun and heat that comes with in. Now, on the other hand things like the lettuce and other greens (collards, chard and kale) are thriving, but of course this is the kind of weather they prefer. The trials and tribulations of gardening....

This cracker recipe comes from one of my two favorite recipe blogs. I am so loyal, these are the first places I go when looking for recipes or ideas.
Check them out, your sure to be inspired. Real people, cooking in their kitchens with real recipes. Not just some cookbook.
101 Cookbooks

Simply Recipes
Here's another just 'cause it's a pretty awesome reference for Tex Mex and by far the best tortilla recipe ever -
Homesick Texan

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