Monday, April 20, 2009

Seedling Update

04-24 is when I started the tomatoes, just to give you some idea of how long it's been. I am SO happy with the seedlings this year. It has certainly been the best year yet. They're so stocky and hardy, they're like little trees. The one's in the individual container are from my Grandmom, she started too many so I got the leftovers. They're are starting to catch up to the first batch. The key - lights and fertilizer. Especially lights though, they have four 100 watt bulbs on them for 12 hours everyday and of course we put them outside when the sun out and it's warm. This year we finally broke down and bought a box of veggie fertilizer. It's organic (of course) it seems like a great company and the plants really seems to like it.

We're doing less this year and just focusing on a couple different plants and really get to know them and what they need. Plus, we don't really have that much space and what we have seems to fill up fast. You get stir crazy in the winter and all excited and essentially your eyes are bigger then your stomach or space in this case. So this years it's tomatoes, string beans, greens - butter lettuce ('cause this variety does best here), kale, collards, swiss chard - onions, potatoes, cucumbers and of course herbs and some flowers. I've got some peppers also (you may be able to see in one of the photos) they're extras from my Grandmom too.

Yay! Can't wait!

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