Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Anyone who knows me and what I create knows that felties are my thing - little felted creatures is how they're described. And no worries I have not given up creating those little Hedgehogs that everyone loves. For a while now I have been wanting to expand my needle felted creatures and make them a little more one of a kind sculpture type stuff. This stewed around a while in my head as things usually do and then bam! there is was, I knew what they were going to be or at least where to start.
This specific Woolie is the second Woolie bird I created - Grey Bird. The first was a Meena Bird which I'll show off at some other time, this post was really for my thing-a-day but here I am on a tangent. Some others are Fatty Batty Owl and and a little sweet Elephant sadly with one name but! Is the star of an up and coming stop motion movie that we're making called "Elephants Dream". I can't wait to show that off! Woah. Anyway. I finally took some good product shots. And here we are - a Woolie Bird named Grey Bird.

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