Monday, February 9, 2009

thing-a-day --- Day 9

Ok so I missed day 8. It looks like I'll be missing a day or two here and there. Some days just pass on by. You see, some days I start something or just work on something and not necessarily finish it. A work in Progress kind of thing. I'm thinking that doesn't exactly fit the thing-a-day qualifications. I may have to stretch it a little sometimes. Here's what was accomplished today. Or well many things were worked on - custom wedding hankies made from the brided Mother's wedding dress but this was the only thing that was actually finished. Tomorrow I'll be able to show off at least one hankie it may not be monogrammed but it'll be finished. And you have to know that mending and I don't really get along well. So this button was put off for about a week and I'm sure it took me all of 5 minutes to finish. Yep.

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