Wednesday, February 18, 2009

thing-a-day Day 18

Oh wow so another two days missed. Well Monday's excuse is that the camera was completely tied up all day and night with our little Elephant Dream movie. Of course I could have done a dig. collage. And yesterday I have absolutely no excuse, I just plain forgot. Sorry.

So anyway I made this little bathroom rug. It's made of scraps of fabric that magically appeared in the mail a week or so ago. My Mother-in-Law Carole had gone with a friend to a fabric shop in LA somewhere and cut a bunch samples and sent them over. The best part of it is I wouldn't of picked these fabrics to go together. I would have spent too much time thinking about what went well together, what matched the best. But instead the object of this project was to use (most of) the fabric in a rug whichever way it fit best. I'm really happy with the outcome.

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