Monday, January 19, 2009

Party Planning

I'm so proud of us. We (Kelly, Donna, Jamie and myself) rocked it this weekend throwing an co-ed "Eco" wedding shower. Only two out of the four live near each other and near where the party was being held. It was literally planned entirely through email and I believe possibly this might have been the first time Donna and Kelly met. We could be party planners, we're so good. Sorry I must toot our horn here. It was as "Eco" as possible getting as much organic and local as possible. The food was killer, Martha would be proud. We had vegetarian chili, and make your own paninis, among and bunch of delicious sides and snacks, oh oh and vegan chocolate cake that was to die for! Yum!

Love notes

Eco goodness

Prayer flags

Yay! Courtney and Dan - The guests of honor

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sarah said...

This is so great! i love the little seed favors, and the prayer flags are so pretty i might have to copy :)