Monday, February 25, 2008

Maisy Day

Another owl up for adoption in the shop.

My newest goal is to update the shop more. I do have have things to sell, lot's of things. I must have some kind of block when I comes to updating things - my site, my blog, Etsy. Rrrhhh.... I must change this. I think, I have to change the way I think about it. You see, it doesn't feel like work. If I'm not sewing, stitching, cutting, pinning or the like then it doesn't feel like work. Hummm.... Can you tell I'm a bit of a workaholic? Megan said once I was too hard on myself about getting things done. I certainly can't sit still for very long without having something to do with my hands. I like to be busy, especially since I have more ideas than time. May be that's it, I'll just blame it on that and go on my merry way. Ha! Fixed! But I still must fix this updating block, that's my goal. It is now an important part of "work" to update (repeat, repeat).

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