Wednesday, January 30, 2008

trying again

So we're trying this again - this blogging thing. So apparently there were more people who read my blog than I thought and I'm getting a couple - hey I miss reading your blog and seeing what your up to. So here we are again. I'm going to try and keep it real simple and not get all stuck in the I don't have anything to write or I'm just too busy. Lot's pictures and little words will suit me just fine, thank you. There's lot's of fun stuff happening lately. The sqrlbee site is getting a make over and I feel like we may have finally gotten it right this time after what feels like a hundred tries. I did my first photo shoot this last weekend thanks to the greatest friend ever - Mego and her sister-in-law Andy. I couldn't be happier we had a great location that looked in every direction and the light was perfect, as you can see.

1 comment:

Name: Kandace said...

So glad you are back at again. You are always inspirational and I am amazed by how you view the simple things.

Thanks for giving me a new perspective. Keep it up!!